Ep. 007: Judaism: Religion or Social Obligation?

Bari discusses the social divides within the Jewish community, as well as the habit of making judgments and comparisons of others.

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  1. Huvie Dombey

    This was one of my favorite episodes. It gave me so much to think about and I loved how you addressed the importance of not judging now- right before Rosh Hashana. This was such a wake up call and I loved how you spoke from a personal point of view. Not using other people as my measuring stick is also something that I want to work on in the future, now that you’ve pointed it out to me. I didn’t even realize that I struggle with this until I listened to this episode!
    I am going to be starting a job as a madricha in a seminary in Israel and I know that I will be coming back to this episode again and again. Bari made so many great points about how we aren’t excited anymore about judiasim- and I want to have that passion and give it to others.
    I loved this episode so much, my favorite episodes are this one and number 4 which talks about the importance of self love and self care. Keep up the great work Bari! Can’t wait for next week and future episodes in which you will point out some more things that I should’ve noticed years ago!

  2. Sori

    Fantastic episode

  3. Chesky

    This topic is something that people don’t want to hear, but it’s something that needs so much more awareness so that people stop having a problem to talk about it and to runaway from the fact that we judge other people way before we think about ourselves. Problems that you see in others is just a mirror that Hashem wants you to see in yourself.

  4. Ez

    This is definitely a major issue.. what some dub the term “Adults at Risk”.
    Many have taken FFB for granted, thinking that they for sure know why they do things.
    The school system does not cater to those subjects that might be a bit borderline to discuss.and they leave alot to the parents and home to fill in. Unfortunately some parents are either unequipped or unlearned, or simply too busy in this rat race life, to properly give over the proper hashkafa and joy of Mitzvos and Derech of Yiddishkeit.
    Teens in general, always think that their Parents are Old Fashioned and dont get the world of today. And this has been an issue since creation. So even if the parent does attempt to give something over, it’s not necessarily grasped.
    For some , the Seminary system fills in that area, but if it didnt penetrate , the affects may wear off.
    And so the next generation is suffering even more. And Social media is a big culprit in the spiral downfall, as people see and desire to follow others..in the wrong direction.
    There is definitely a need to create a social media awareness to the positive side and greatness and enjoyment of true authentic Yiddishkeit, that comes from the soul.

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