Ep. 006: Love Thy Hater with Flatbush Girl

Adina Sash aka Flatbush Girl shares her inner journey as both a loved and hated female instagram influencer and marketer. Flatbush Girl discusses how to effectively spread your message, not hold back and even break societal norms to influence change.

Ep. 006: Love Thy Hater with Flatbush Girl

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  1. Teri Sulc

    Adina has a joyous perspective on trusting our inner WOV, creating positive community and business through social media. Loved this episode.

  2. Shira

    Wow wow wow! Amazing episode. Adina, you are a genius! Love everything you do! Thanks for being so supportive of all human beings and ao loving. Thanks Bari for your efforts of making an amazing podcast! Xoxo, Shira

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