Ep. 69: Is It Ever Enough with Sarah Pachter

Ever read something so triggering because you know it’s the truth but you’re not ready to accept it? Well, that happened to me with Sarah Pachter. Sarah is an international speaker and author who is passionate about teaching Torah and empowering people through the written and spoken word. In this week's episode, Sarah and I discuss how she got onto this path of speaking and writing, and dive into why women feel like they’re never enough and my resistance to concepts from “Is it Ever Enough?”


Ep. 65: Cope In Crisis, Then Heal with Dr. Chaya Lieba Kobernick

Dr. Chaya Lieba Kobernick is a clinical psychologist who is super passionate about increasing access to evidence-based care, improving training for mental health providers, and increasing awareness and education in the frum community. In this week's episode, Dr. K and I discuss crisis times vs healing times and ripping off the band-aid known as coping mechanisms.


Ep. 64: How to Glow with Kayla Levin

Kayla has been coaching newlyweds for years, but not long ago, she realized she needed to make a shift. In this week’s episode, we discuss how Kayla went from helping first-year marrieds to helping women at any stage find their glow.


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