Ep. 028: The Mindset Shift with Melinda Strauss

Melinda Strauss discusses how she transformed her life, one small change at a time.

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  1. Tziporah Katz

    This was a great episode for I knew of Melinda Strauss before I knew of Barianna’s podcasts. I figured I knew what they were going to speak about. Boy, was I wrong. Melinda spoke about more about how she came about changing her mindset and other things in which gave a greater insight of what her passion/mission in life is. So for those who watch her Dog Walks on IG will be greatly surprise of this fresh new prospective of mindset and selfcare. I wish at 38 I knew what it meant to do selfcare. Bit it’s never too late at age 49 I am finally taking that selfcare path and doing what make me happy first so I will be ready to take care of those who are around me.

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