Ep. 044: Coping with Anxiety with Jill Sharfman and Dr. Andrea Moskowitz

Jill Sharfman a board-certified holistic nutritionist, and Dr. Andrea Moskowitz, a distinguished neuroscientist and psychiatrist are the co-hosts of the nutrition podcast “Let My People Eat.” In this week's episode, Jill and Andrea join Bari to discuss anxiety- how it can manifest, what can cause anxiety and anxiety disorders, and some methods of treatment through the lenses of both Eastern and Western medicine.


Ep. 043: My G-d Crisis/Breakthrough

In the Hebrew month of Elul, introspection is the name of the game. In this week's episode, Bari opens up about her experience with reevaluating her relationship with the Almighty and how she will spend this year's Elul and High Holiday season.


Ep. 40: Strengthen Us with Zahava List

Oftentimes, when the word "mental" is added in front of the word "illness", the view of the illness is changed-when it shouldn't be. Zahava List, founder of the organization Chazkeinu joins me in discussing mental illness and how her mental health journey led her to create her peer-led support network for women with mental illness.

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Ep. 39: Do What You Can

Bari is back and keeping you company during this crazy time. In this episode, Bari discusses how she is managing during this pandemic and shares some of her recommendations on how to pull through.

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Ep. 36: Finding Ohr in the Darkness with Lara Mizel

Lara Mizel is the creator "Ohr", a film that documents her journey of discovering who her mother was. Lara lost her mother when she was 15 months old. Years later, Lara resolved to find out all that she could about her mother. In turn, Lara found out about both her mother and herself. Visit ohrmovie.com to watch her film and use the promo code from the episode to rent it for free for a limited time.


Ep. 35: Confronting Religious Disillusionment with Elisheva Liss, LMFT

Elisheva Liss is an author, lecturer, educator and licensed psychotherapist in private practice. Elisheva tackles important and sensitive issues in Jewish society. In this week's episode, Elisheva and Bari discuss why Judaism has become a religion of fear-mongering and sadness to so many. They discuss the unhealthy ways Judaism and Torah is taught in many institutions, as well as how to go about making change and bringing the joy back to Judaism.


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