Ep. 34: Mom on a Mission with Orah Lasko

Orah is the mother of Jakey, a two year old boy with an incredibly rare genetic mutation. in this weeks episode, Orah and I discuss her uphill battle to identify what Jakey's diagnosis was. Orah also discusses how being a mother of a son with special needs has impacted her and her family, as well as how she has grown and continues to grow through having Jakey in her life.


Ep. 33: Life of a Multipotentialite Meeting of The Minds Part 4

How can someone pursue multiple passions while having many other obligations? In this episode, Bari is joined by Yael Trusch of Jewish Latin Princess Podcast, Chanie Ehrentreu of Boss Maidel Podcast and Franciska of The Franciska Show Podcast to discuss how they each manage to pursue their careers, passions and care for their loved ones. Four Podcasters, one interesting discussion.


Ep. 029: Ditch the Divide

Bari discusses how we can begin to fix what has been broken in our society for thousands of years. A simple, practical approach to feeling the intensity of the 3 weeks.

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Ep. 025: No, Go, Tell with Rachel Tuchman, LMHC

Rachel discusses the importance of teaching children about safety over the summer and beyond. She discusses what to tell children about their bodies and what to do if someone has violated their personal space or bodies. She also speaks about how parents should speak and act with a child who has been a victim of sexual abuse.


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