Ep. 51: Rays of Hope with Hadassah

Hadassah is a kind, often smiling woman. She dons a shaitel and dresses modestly. She is a wife and mother. She is also a survivor of sexual abuse. Sexual abuse is not discussed often enough, but we know it exists in our community. We know that it exists in every community. I commend Hadassah, who we will refer to by first name only, for speaking about her journey to healing. I thank Hadassah for her bravery and vulnerability, and encourage everyone to check out the show notes, as Hadassah has compiled a list of resources that have helped her in her healing journey. For those of you who are listening and have survived sexual abuse, you're not alone. I urge you to find the support you need, to find those rays of hope.


Ep. 50: Brown Eyed 3Q Duplication Kiki with Sara Schwartz

Sara Schwartz is wife to Avi and mom to Noam and Kiki, a 1.5 year old with a rare chromosomal abnormality called 3q duplication. Kiki is trach, vent, and gtube dependent, has a complex medical history, and is developmentally delayed. In addition to her new role, Sara works for NJ NCSY and is a part time OU JLIC educator at Rutgers. In this weeks episode, Sara shared her and Kiki’s journey and her pursuit of balance being a medical mom and being everything else.


Ep. 48: Grief and Gumdrops with Deena Becks

In this week's episode, Deena Becks discusses her journey of infertility, pregnancy, and stillbirth. Deena shares with us the highs and lows and how she grew through the experience, finding positivity or as she calls them, gumdrops along the way.

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Ep. 45: Alcohol-Free Anniversary with Talya Bendel

Bari's longtime friend Talya Bendel joins Woman of Valor to discuss her struggle with addiction and the decision to become alcohol free. Talya is a fashion industry professional with experience in the high end luxury field as well as owns a production company called CFD:Creative that deals with film production, social media content coverage, and much more.


Ep. 044: Coping with Anxiety with Jill Sharfman and Dr. Andrea Moskowitz

Jill Sharfman a board-certified holistic nutritionist, and Dr. Andrea Moskowitz, a distinguished neuroscientist and psychiatrist are the co-hosts of the nutrition podcast “Let My People Eat.” In this week's episode, Jill and Andrea join Bari to discuss anxiety- how it can manifest, what can cause anxiety and anxiety disorders, and some methods of treatment through the lenses of both Eastern and Western medicine.


Ep. 043: My G-d Crisis/Breakthrough

In the Hebrew month of Elul, introspection is the name of the game. In this week's episode, Bari opens up about her experience with reevaluating her relationship with the Almighty and how she will spend this year's Elul and High Holiday season.


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