Ep. 62: Preparing for Pesach: Mentally and Emotionally

All holidays can bring their challenges. We start this season sooner than expected with a timely episode about how to put your best foot forward the week before and the week of Passover. Bari is joined by Tova Seligsohn and Esty Nadler, LCSW, of The Derech Shalom Center to discuss a number of tips on how to put our best selves forward when faced with challenges this holiday season.


Ep. 61: Not a Nebbuch with Samantha Menuha Bronstein

July is Disability Pride Month and as such, it is a time to ask ourselves about our inclusivity as people and our accessibility as institutions. Samantha Menucha, AKA Sam, is a disabled university student living in Israel. In this weeks episode, Sam and I discuss what it was like growing up as a disabled person in her community. We discuss what parents, individuals, institutions and clergy can do to make Judaism more accessible for all.


Ep. 58: Layers with Shira Lankin Sheps

Shira Lankin Sheps is a writer, photographer, and clinically trained therapist. When Shira mustered up the courage to share her story, she was welcomed with a flood of requests to share others’ stories as well. In this weeks episode, Shira shares how The Layers Project magazine and book came to be, as well as the process of sharing another’s story.


Ep. 57: Strength to Strength Surviving Terrorism with Sarri Singer

On June 11, 2003, Sarri was on Bus 14 in Jerusalem when an 18-year-old Palestinian terrorist dressed as a religious Jew boarded and blew himself up. 17 people were killed, including all those seated and standing around her, and over 100 people were injured. Sarri was hospitalized for two weeks and then returned to New Jersey to be with family.


Ep. 54: Perfect for Pesach with Naomi Nachman

Naomi Nachman, renowned caterer and cookbook author joins me in a casual conversations about food, Pesach, and how she went from teacher to best selling cookbook author. Get her Perfect Flavors cookbook or Perfect for Pesach cookbook. Naomi has provided us with a delicious salmon recipe that is simply put, perfect for Pesach.


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