Ep. 54: Perfect for Pesach with Naomi Nachman

Naomi Nachman, renowned caterer and cookbook author joins me in a casual conversations about food, Pesach, and how she went from teacher to best selling cookbook author. Get her Perfect Flavors cookbook or Perfect for Pesach cookbook. Naomi has provided us with a delicious salmon recipe that is simply put, perfect for Pesach.


Ep. 52: Find Love at Any Size with Sara Zoldan

Sara Zoldan, founder of Love At Any Size, is a body-positive and weight neutral love coach who helps plus-size single women struggling with negative body image and weight stigma in dating find love at their current size without settling or losing a pound.


Ep. 50: Brown Eyed 3Q Duplication Kiki with Sara Schwartz

Sara Schwartz is wife to Avi and mom to Noam and Kiki, a 1.5 year old with a rare chromosomal abnormality called 3q duplication. Kiki is trach, vent, and gtube dependent, has a complex medical history, and is developmentally delayed. In addition to her new role, Sara works for NJ NCSY and is a part time OU JLIC educator at Rutgers. In this weeks episode, Sara shared her and Kiki’s journey and her pursuit of balance being a medical mom and being everything else.


Ep. 48: Grief and Gumdrops with Deena Becks

In this week's episode, Deena Becks discusses her journey of infertility, pregnancy, and stillbirth. Deena shares with us the highs and lows and how she grew through the experience, finding positivity or as she calls them, gumdrops along the way.

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