Ep. 49: The Power of Color with Chanchi Milecki

Every person is a work of art and your palette is the guide to sharing yourself, a masterpiece, to the world. Chanchi Milecki, also known as The Soul Styler, joins Bari in a conversation about self expression through color. A special thanks to our surprise guest, Mr. Choni Milecki, Chanchi’s #1 fan, for joining in on part of our conversation.
Chanchi studied color design and styling at Color Institute International. She has been working in the field introducing her clients to personal color and styling for more than 15 years.
Chanchi brings her background in fashion design which helps translate the theory into practice. She is a much sought after stylist for anyone looking to pull their closet together and make dressing well an easy feat.

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  1. MS

    I had my colors done with chanchi
    I now refer to events in my life as being BC and AC – before chanchi or after chanchi!

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